the art of being busy

In an email recently sent to a friend I went off on this tangent...here it is!

"You know me...planning ahead all the time...and normally I have all of our gifts wrapped and under the tree about two weeks ago. This year they are still in the bags and all piled up in the second bedroom. We even still have a couple more to go buy. As you can imagine, this has been stressing me out! Our Christmas cards are half done and the makings of them are sprawled out on our couch as I get time to put them together every once in awhile. Our house hasn't been cleaned since Nov. 25 (I only change the calendar date on the mantel when I clean). So Truman's dog hair is all over everything and it could possibly be the dirtiest it's been since we've moved in. But it's strange Josh...all that not done and not accomplished yet and we seem to be okay with it. Yea, we might comment almost everyday how gross our house is right now...and I pray that Pat will clean it tomorrow on his day off. But we haven't been home because we've been concentrating on what the holiday season is all about...spending time with family and friends.

We usually run into our house, grab a bite to eat, love on Truman and then head out the door to another friend's house to spend some time with them. If we're not at a friend's house we're hanging out with the high school kids just concentrating on getting to know them better. Last night I wanted to do bills and finish the Christmas cards. Instead we headed to Matt and Jenny's to hang out with them and play with Braydon. We didn't get home till 9, ate something and relaxed a little before heading to bed. Normally I would freak out at that night being completely gone and not accomplishing anything. But it's amazing how God is blessing us and even though we still have lots of struggles, we seem to be pushing through and are constantly surrounded by friendships that amaze us. And spending time with those people means the world to us."

I don't really know where that all came from but I guess Pat and I just have begun to realize that sometimes having your house organized isn't as big of a deal as we've made it in the past. We did finally get it clean and the presents wrapped in time for Christmas so it all worked out!