vacation is on its way

In our drive into work today Pat had a huge smile on his face when he said "Can you believe we're actually going to London?" We've been talking about for 2+ years and things just never fell into place for us to be able to go. We joked about it and Pat always said to me..."I have a feeling we'll never be able to go." Of course, for those of you who know me well, that is never an option with me! At least once a week I was on a website about London reading about latest happenings, shows, etc. and Pat would always laugh when I'd say "today I was reading more on London and..." But now it's truly reality! Some might say that we might be overly excited for our trip...and you'd be right. London may not be some beach side paradise but that kind of thing really isn't Pat and I. We'd rather be exploring a new place that has lots to offer in the arts and places that we can just sit and take the atmosphere in.

Things I personally am looking forward to with the trip (I'll narrow it down to top 5 - in no particular order):

1. Walking instead of driving (Yes we'll take the tube a lot but I just love walking around a city. We as Hoosiers don't EVER do this. We have to make sure there's a parking spot to drive 2 blocks away).

2. Sitting in a park with Pat, him with a sketch book in hand, and myself with a journal writing.

3. Art - in every shape, size and form. From public art to theater to galleries to the art of just taking it all in...couldn't be more excited about this!

4. Time away with Pat to just be ourselves...to explore, be goofy, hopefully play in the rain and just hang out.

5. Afternoon tea! Yes, I must say this may just be me that is looking forward to this. I love tea and am excited to sit someplace and enjoy some of it. Pat might be drinking a coke but that's okay!