why do simple things make us so upset?

Our weekend ended up being a rush of events again! Friday we had an event to attend at church, all day Saturday I was helping out with the 500 Festival and we had a birthday party to go to that night. Then Sunday was filled with cleaning the house, which took forever, and Pat helped his cousin, Matt, finish painting their bathroom. I was basically completely frustrated on Sunday as I was cleaning the house. I so wanted to just relax and possible have some time to scrapbook. It wasn't that I hadn't had fun with the events that filled our weekend, it was just I wanted to sit down for a minute and breath.

Poor Pat and Marcus spent all day on Saturday installing a new kitchen faucet...which looks great! Thanks guys! I found it on Ebay for a great deal, however the directions came in Japanese! Oops!

So on Sunday, I started doing some dishes and the water was completely cold. I called Pat and of course he knew what was wrong instantly...it was the pilot light again! He tried to walk me through how to re-light it but I just didn't feel comfortable doing it. I know he could tell how frustrated I was and he said "Maya it will be okay. Just think...our ancestors got along just fine doing dishes and laundry in cold water." Only my husband knows how to crack a joke just at the right time. I was so frustrated over something as simple as hot water and it really wasn't that big of a deal. It was more frustration of not getting any down time and Pat knew that. I took a deep breath when I hung the phone up, finished the dishes in the cold water and finally got our house clean, so we can wait another month to clean it again! :)