great times with great friends

So I'm not keeping up on this blogging thing very well recently. We've been crazy busy at both of our jobs and during the evenings.

This weekend was a great weekend though! We hung out with friends all weekend long, which is always a wonderful way to spend it! We saw STOMP on Sunday with friends and that was great. We had a really annoying child in front of us, I'm not talking the normal annoying, she was really bad! But we made it through the show and were able to laugh about it later! We celebrated Justin's birthday with my family that night with crab legs and steak. Yum!

It was such a great weekend with friends. We truly are so blessed with the friends we have, some we've only know for a couple years, others for a really long time and even some for only months. But all of them mean so much to us and impact our lives everyday!

We are headed to our first Winter Retreat this weekend with Senior High at our church. There's 230 something students going! I'm skiing so hopefully I don't come back with any broken bones! We'll take some pictures and I'm sure will have lots of great things to report!