thoughts on my drive into work today

As I was driving in to downtown this morning to meet my friend, Lacey, at Starbucks I was couldn't help but smile as I crossed over 86th Street and could see the Bank One Tower, oh sorry I think it's Chase Tower now. We haven't had a clear morning in such a long time that I forgot how you could see the Tower from the northside. I'm sure I complain almost daily about the traffic and about our commute, but really I love working downtown and living right outside of downtown. There's an energy about downtown that you can just thrive off of. It can either wear you out or pump you up. I think it just depends on the person. Seeing the Tower this morning got me pumped up for whatever was in store for today.

Other random thought during the car ride in...Lacey and I have been reading this book called Captivating. It's a great book so far! We've been trying to get together to chat about it weekly, although that was kind of side-tracked when Pat and I only had one car. I was thinking again as I was driving to Starbucks, how God places friends in our life at different times. Lacey was our marketing intern and now works at BDMD full time. How cool is it that we're two co-workers that can get together and chat over some coffee/tea and chat about a good book and all kinds of other stuff. Pat does the same thing with Marcus on Friday mornings. It's just great to have friends like that!