last day in london

Well I'm sad to say that today was our last full day in London. :( Tomorrow we have to be at the airport so early for our flight that we really won't have time to do anything. So today we started our day with visiting St. Paul's Cathedral. And we took Marcus' advice and traveled up the 500+ steps to the top to see the amazing view up there. I have a fear of heights and some of the steps towards the top made me really nervous. And when we got up there Pat was laughing at me cause I wasn't coming close to the edges. We walked around the cathedral for awhile and then headed to the Tate Britain. We were able to walk around this fairly fast, it wasn't as big as we thought it would be!

After the Tate we headed to try to get some tea, but realized after sitting down that we needed to come back for afternoon tea. So instead we headed to the nearby Science Museum for lunch at this cool cafe there. We attempted to walk around the museum but it was swarming with families and you could barely make your way around. So we jumped across the street to the Albert & Victoria Museum. This was huge...I guess it has something like 7 miles of galleries. We obviously didn't see the whole thing but enjoyed what we did get to see. There was a garden in the middle that we chilled out for awhile before finally finding a cool poster for us at home in their gift shop.

It was officially afternoon tea time then so we headed to the Kensington Palace area and had tea (or at least I did) at the Organery. Pat just watched! It was yummy and we sat outside even though it was a lil bit chilly. We ended up getting everything for free because it took so long to get, which we didn't ask for so it was very kind of them. The setting there is so gorgeous with Kensington Gardens all around you. Again, we would love to have gardens like this in Indy!!!

After tea we jumped on the tube and headed to the London Eye. I again conquered my fear of heights and headed up in the "capsule." The day was actually somewhat clear and you could see the city beautifully. There was a local man in the capsule with us so it was fun to have him tell us what everything was and stories about some of the things we were seeing too.

Well gotta start packing some things up. Our trip has gone by sooo fast!!! We're excited to come home but sad at the same time to leave here. We've decided we want to buy a flat here...ha! Gotta win the lottery first!