lots of neighborhoods and more art of course!

Well Pat covers alot of this in his blog from today but so I'll do a short one since I should be in bed...we have to get up REALLY early tomorrow to catch to train for Paris.

We started the day at Trafalgar Square...girls this is the square from the diamond commercial! It was filled with people but the monument is under construction. Oh well! We walked right into the National Gallery where I saw Van Gogh's Sunflowers and Chair paintings. I got to see Starry Night in NYC and now this one in person. Amazing! Pat and I stopped several times to listen to all of the tours going on with school children. It was cute to see all of them in their uniforms and their accents.

After leaving the National Gallery we headed to Covenant Garden and started our day of walking. It was fun to go into some of the shops there although I was good and didn't buy anything. We then went to the Theatre Museum which unfortunately wasn't all that. Oh well...it was free. I did do some shopping after that though...mom I got you some tea!!! From there on you'll have to read Pat's blog...we went to Piccadilly Circus, Russell Square, the British Museum (SO COOL!!! We're going back!!!), University of London, checked out the very cool home stores called Habitat and Heals (wish we had them in Indy...Definitely our taste) and we ended with a beer in a local pub. We had tried to jump on the tube during rush hour and changed our mind for finding a pub instead. After dinner tonight in the flat I marked up our map for Paris. Wish us luck! You won't hear from us till Thursday!

Some quick things we've chatted about that we've noticed is different from the US/Indy.

The organic stores and quick places to eat are so easy to find. We ate at one for lunch today! Yum! In general, everyone is skinny/thin here. Obviously from all the walking and by the above note of the organic stores, they seem to eat healthier in general. The women really don't wear that much makeup compared to the US. We've seen a few of course but pretty much natural, simple makeup. They're curious about us...we've seen people watching us talk and at lunch were asked what part of the States we were from.

Headed to Paris tomorrow...hope to hear Pat speak some French!!!