my daily computer routine

Everyone has their routines. Daily things they do that we just act out and are so used to it we are not even conscious about it sometimes. When we drive downtown for work sometimes I realize I'm at work and don't remember anything from the drive in. But that might just be that I'm still trying to wake up. Pat and I have our routines. We wake up, work out, I usually try to read and he'll go back to bed for awhile, and then we get ready for work and head out. It's so strange that we do that everyday. I have even an "order" of how I get ready, one thing before the other, etc.

Just like those habits, I have habits I do on the computer as well. I have sites I check out to see if they're updated, or read the news, etc. We have so much information that is offered to us, it's just whether or not you want to digest it!

I thought I'd share my daily computer routine with you. These are the sites I try to check out everyday for updates or at least check them weekly (weekly is actually more the truth, or I split them up with a couple per day). These are listed in no particular order. Most of these are friends and I enjoy hearing what they are up to and their thoughts on things. Others are friends of friends and the rest are just interests. Enjoy!

New York Times
Indy Star
InTake Weekly
Relish Creative (when he ever updates it!)
Soulumination (Want to help my mom start this in Indy...more to come on that later!)
Life Blog - Tom
Penelope Illustration
Illustration Friday
Reach the World
Rummel News
On the Cusp (keep up with Indy art scene)
Organic Consumers
Sustainable Style Foundation
Passion of Nutrition (she hasn't updated in awhile...does anyone else know of some blogs that have organic recipes, etc? I really haven't taken the time do a huge search yet)
Jason Welker (Jason...hope you update that blog soon...want to know what you two are up to!)
Apartment Therapy (They have these for several cities, just cool to see what people do with small spaces)
ArtCal (NYC art scene)
Design Sponge
Swirly Girl
Fodor's Travel Talk

So what's your computer routine? Do you have any more places I should be checking out? Like I need more, but you can never read enough!