Our weekend

This weekend went by fast as always...but it was good! Friday night we met up with Amanda and Jeremy to grab some dinner and head back to their house to hang out. We found out we all love the modern architecture and Pat and I looked through a ton of books they had. We hung out on their back deck forever, which made Pat and I realize how much we want to finish making ours more relaxing! Time flew and we were there really late...but it was a blast.

Saturday was Ben's wedding. It was a hot day but it was great to see a bunch of Pat's fraternity brothers and hang out with them. We were both so tired though so we didn't make it out too late. Oh well!

Sunday was spent with Pat doing yard work and I grocery shopped for us and for the lake this weekend. All those "adult" things we have to do now. It was rainy so all I really wanted to do was lay on the couch but of course that didn't happen!

Now just have to get through this week and it'll be a fun weekend!