we're back

Well we're back in Indy and back at work too! I don't know about Pat but I'm feeling refreshed after our vacation. It was so much fun and relaxing at the same time. I think we're really going to miss the great, healthy food and walking! This morning I was sad not to start the morning with a walk and a crescent! Oh well! We took around 1200 photos so we'll go through them and pick out the best ones to share with you all!

Our trip truly was everything I could have imagined. There were some things we did that weren't as cool or exciting as I thought they would be but at the same time there were surprises that we weren't expecting to be as great as they were! It was wonderful to spend time with Pat alone and experience all kinds of new things together. Even though the weather could have been better, I wouldn't change a thing about the trip. For most of the time we took our time and loved sitting in the parks. We loved walking through the city and parks and taking it all in! Now time to plan our next trip! Ha...just kidding, it'll be awhile for that!

It was nice to see Truman last night and he fell asleep right in between Pat and I. It was also nice to have a warm shower this morning! I forgot how nice that was!

Can't wait to share the pictures with you!!