On a day that I'm completely frustrated at work...I need to think of something happier...so...

Image from Penelope Illustration...amazing local artist...check her out!

I love this image because it makes me think of one of my favorite past times of summer...catching lightning bugs (fireflies are a much cooler description of them though). Ever since I was little I remember being in our backyard with a jar my mom had made us in order to let the little bugs "breath." My brother and I would run around and catch as many as we could. And then we moved to the ultimate lightning bug palace! My families new home consisted of giant open fields…filled with the flicker of the fireflies rising once the sun went down. We could’ve caught jars and jars full it we wanted to.

I have to admit, I still enjoy this summer past time. The field we look out to from our backyard now is like a fireworks display in the summer. I could sit on the back deck and watch it all night. We get the occasional visitor in our yard to which both Truman and I both run after to try to catch it. I usually beat him, because he can’t focus, and unfortunately once I let it go, he gets focused and has had a few in his mouth. Pat sits and laughs as he watches the two of us run around trying to catch the tiny bugs before they are out of our reach.

I really hope that when we have kids we live someplace that our yard is filled with fireflies. They just seem to make the kid in me come back to life and I don’t feel stupid running around the yard catching them!