stayin in indy...but dreamin of london

(Pat took this photo the other night while we were on the canal)

Indianapolis...Pat and I always wonder and chat about what it would be like to live in another city. After being in London, we decided we wanted to move there. Every time one of us visits NYC, we want to move there. And so on.

I wonder if we moved to those places that we love to visit if they would lose their luster and mystic for us. Maybe we would get into a routine just like we do here, even though we try so hard not to. We’d have a work schedule, we would for sure have to watch our spending in a big city with the additional cost of living and we’d probably have similar routines that we have here. However, there would be an abundance of cultural diversity and activities to partake in, things to explore with a seemingly never-ending feeling and we’d be surrounded by arts, which Pat and I can’t ever get enough of. Not that Indianapolis doesn’t have some of this because I truly think it does and is getting better each year at what it has to offer but of course it’s a long way from London and NYC.

So…as family is close by and friends…we’ll continue to be in good ole Indy. But we can still dream of packing up everything and moving overseas to London…eating their amazing food everyday, walking through the streets filled with history, attending each new museum exhibit, sitting in beautiful parks and our kids having British accents one day. Maybe we’ll win the lottery and can just have two places to call home! One can dream!