to traveling

Where to travel to next? Pat and I keep saying “on our next trip.” It’s amazing how once you’ve traveled overseas; you just want to go back for more and more. I really don’t think we could ever get enough of it. I would love to set the goal that every two years, we travel overseas someplace. Pat thinks our next trip should be to Spain and I’d really like to check out Italy or someplace like Switzerland. Who knows…we’ll see! And of course there’s Greece that we’re holding out for our 10th anniversary.

I can see how people can just spend all of their money traveling. It’s addictive! Once you’ve started, it’s like you can’t just get enough. I’m so jealous of Pat’s friend, Marc, who has traveled all over the world and has had amazing experiences. I so wish we had the time for that…even to just take a month off and travel would be a dream for us! Maybe when we retire one day…or when Pat starts his painting business and he’s wildly successful! He’ll need to travel for inspiration!