so busy

I was doing so good at this blogging thing and keeping up with and then I had to go get pregnant! Ha! Things have been crazy in our lives, not necessarily for the pregnancy, but just in general. From long workdays to every evening packed with something, time is flying by. I realized the other day that my grandpa has lived here for probably about two months now and I still haven’t gone over to hang out with him! Horrible!

As I think to what our lives will be like after this baby arrives I realize that I’m sure this is just a sampling of what busy and tired means. I’m sure we haven’t even touched the surface! It was so nice last night, as we waited for someone to show up at our house for this insurance thing and they never did, Pat and I both just sat on the couch and read. It was strange to do that! But oh so nice. I hope we have a few more moments like that.

We’re gearing up for Labor Day weekend. Pat’s good friend Marc gets married outside of NYC. So we’re headed there early to spend and day in NYC and visit Darcy and then head north to help with the wedding and anything they need. We’re looking forward to it!