the art of giving

Did you know this?

State of Mississippi:
Lowest per capita income level
Highest per capita giving

State of Connecticut:
Highest per capita income level
Lowest per capita giving

Makes you think huh? Why are those in dire situations more likely to give to a cause than those who actually have the money to do it? Maybe it’s because they know what’s it’s like to be there and want to help out others. Maybe they appreciate what they have more and realize they don’t need an excess of items.

Pat and I aren’t nearly where I’d like to be on our giving but we have several organizations we love to give to. In fact, I sometimes have a problem of saying no! But those figures just make me realize we could be doing more. Instead of going out to eat one night, why not save that and give?

Just something to think about…there are so many people and causes that could use our help.