IKEA trip and movement!

This weekend Pat and I headed up to Chicago to hit IKEA and get some key things for preparing for our little one. It’s a whirlwind trip to do in one day – about 3 ½ hours each way, but it was well worth it. We now have a dresser and bookshelf for his room as well as tons of shelves and other items to shift things around in the house to clear the room for the nursery. Pat kept us on track because it’s easy to get side tracked in IKEA. Especially for us! He kept us so on track that we completely passed by all of the baby stuff! Oops! Oh well there’ll be another trip sometime I’m sure! We took our camera because we were going to take funny pictures of us in IKEA and then we totally forgot we had it. Too focused I guess. It was a good trip to make other than my feet being swollen that night (lovely “side affect” of pregnancy).

Update on our little one: He’s moving a lot more now! I usually don’t feel him until I’ve been sitting for some time…which most of you know that’s rare for me. So I love feeling him so much that’s it’s forced me make time to just sit and read a book, etc. While relaxing last night, Pat got to feel our son’s fierce moves. It isn’t like before when it was just a hint of movement…it’s pretty obvious now!

This weekend it suddenly hit us that we have four months and our little guy will be here! With the holidays in the mix of those four months time is sure going to fly! And as Pat said this morning, “Our lives as we know it will change forever.”