it's pretty obvious now

This past Friday Pat and I went to a concert at a local place that is non-smoking! It was so nice to actually be able to go to a bar and see a concert and not have to worry about the smoke. However, I seem to forget sometimes that I’m now pregnant and that my body is just a little different. So I kept on my high heels I’d been wearing all day, thinking that if I got tired from standing there would be places to sit. Well unfortunately there were no seats. After awhile my legs really started to hurt so I sat on the ground for a bit and felt refreshed and finally stood again. Towards the end of the concert one of the security guards walked by and asked if I wanted a chair. I said sure of course! But it made me realize…I really do look pregnant don’t I?

Early in the evening I had an even funnier pregnant happening. We were standing there with Lacey and Jason and two guys walked by. I almost started laughing when I saw one of them look me up and down and then stop at my belly. I must have given him a mean look or something because he said “Hey congratulations!” Lacey was quick to think and said, “She’s not pregnant.” I would give anything to have been able to take a picture of that guy’s face right then! It was so funny!!! Pat and I were laughing!!! Too funny! Hopefully he’ll learn though!