nothing like some salty drinking water

Last night Pat was brushing his teeth and kept asking me if I did something to his toothbrush. I had no clue what he was talking about…I hadn’t touched it. He kept saying it tasted weird. When he went to rinse out his mouth he made the funniest noise. He said our water tasted really salty. I went to investigate and he was right…it tasted like swimming in the ocean…maybe even saltier than that.

We went around our house and checked the other faucets. All had the same issue and the kitchen sink was making bubbles. Pat and I stood in the bathroom laughing…what else were we supposed to do! We couldn’t drink any of our water and you could tell both of us were stressed about it but all we could think to do is laugh. After letting everything run for a while it seemed to go away. So we’re keeping an eye on it.

The culprit? No question about it that it’s our lovely Culligan water softener. Since the day that machine was put in it’s given us nothing but trouble! After massive amounts of charges for Culligan coming out to check things over, we finally just decided to give up and just let the machine do its thing. This really means that it’s barely softening our water but we couldn’t afford to pay them to keep coming out and “fixing” something. The salty water was the first though! So hopefully it stays away and something weird just happened last night. My one piece of advice…don’t buy anything from Culligan!