ramblings of a pregnant woman

This is my new favorite spot in our house. I convinced Pat to let me get the footstool to this IKEA chair we’ve had forever. After he put it together he came to me and said “it’s so comfortable.” I just knew it would be! I could sit all day in it with a cup of tea and a book. It will only be in this location for a small time…then will be moved to the nursery to make it easy for us to feed our little one during those late night wake ups.

Speaking of our little one…he’s beginning to beat me up! I was taking a bath the other night and thought I saw something move beneath the book I was reading. I put the book down and sure enough he was making my entire stomach move. I called Pat and he saw it too. It was so cool to see but I have to admit very strange too! There’s actually a human being inside of me developing and moving enough to make my belly have ripples of movement.

The pregnancy so far has not been all that everyone says it's cracked up to be. Every time I tell my mom about something else happening with me she says, “I didn’t have any of that happen to me.” And Pat’s mom says she could’ve been pregnant for a living. I feel bad that I’m not having that experience so far. And I’m sure that I could have it much worse than what it has been…I haven’t had to be on bed rest or anything like that.

Don’t get me wrong…we feel truly blessed to be expecting. So many of our friends have had trouble getting pregnant and I am so thankful for our experience so far. With that being said…

One day you completely know what to expect from your body and if something different occurs, you know something’s up. Then you get pregnant…and that all changes. One day I know exactly what to expect and how much I need to be eating, the next it either makes me sick or I’m hungrier than before and didn’t pack enough snacks. From swelling ankles to feeling like I’m going to faint, it just hasn’t been all that thrilling for me to go through. Now everyone keeps telling me it will be worth it and that somehow you forget all of this once your baby’s born and are ready to have another. I’m waiting for that…but still have three more months to go before we get close to that.

Sorry to complain here…but like I tell Pat, “I’m pregnant, I’m aloud to!”