starting preparations for our little one

Saturday was one of those days that you really feel like you accomplished a lot in one day. We started off the morning with registering for our new baby. There is just so much stuff to choose from it's confusing. Thankfully, Jenny came along and helped us pick things out and show us what was helpful for them with Braydon. Baby stuff is so expensive! And it's so hard to figure out what we'll actually use a lot and what we won't because every baby is completely different. So we'll see!

Later in the day Pat and Marcus worked on finishing the baby's closet. We have a small home so we've been trying to think of ways to make the best of it. One was to add some shelves in the closet so there's more space for our stuff and to fit the baby's things. It looks good and we can't believe how much space we have now!

While we did get a ton accomplished, it was also overwhelming. Overwhelming to be picking out all of these things that we'll be using with our new son. Pat and I were putting things back into the closet when he looked at me and said "WOW...this is for our baby." We're still in shock by it all. It's so hard to picture what life will be like once he's here. Even though he's moving more often and I can feel him, it just still feels so surreal and seems so far off that we'll have a little boy to hold and care for. I guess you just learn as you go, at least that's what everyone is telling us...so hopefully we're quick learners!

I put our registries on the side bar here...everyone's been asking for them. You can find them right below the Flickr pics.