warm drinks and new thinking

I seem to be on a kick with warm apple cider everyday now. I bought this organic apple cider last week, got some spices from my mom and now it’s my little treat in the morning before work. As the weather starts to get cold there’s nothing better to make you feel like it’s fall than warm spiced apple cider. Today Lacey and I got winter tea at a tea cafĂ© in town. It was delicious! I seem to be talking about hot drinks a lot here on this blog.

On another note…Pat and I are seriously taking a look at our crazy schedules and seeing what we need to cut out. We just have no time to spend together or to even be at home. We’re thinking about picking one night a week and sticking to it being a night that we don’t schedule anything. Pat hasn’t painted in awhile and I can’t remember the last time I touched one of the many scrapbooks I’ve been working on. Those are things we love and that truly rejuvenate us…so it’s time to ensure we can do those things plus just relax. We won’t be able to run around like this once little one is here so need to find a way to slow ourselves down a bit. How do you seem to just keep getting busier and busier as you get older? Such an interesting path life takes you on.