the name game

Our son might be confused when he’s born. He seems to have several names already from our friends and family. Here’s the story behind a couple…

Max – Pat’s parents have started calling their grandson Max. We won’t tell them our names we have picked out because Pat’s mom has been an elementary school teacher and principal…so we’re sure she’ll have an association with each name. So each of them now call him Max. It’s pretty funny!

Lawrence – I’m sure you have all heard someone call us the “Lawrents” instead of Laurent. Well our friends Jimmy and Chrissy think the perfect name then would be Lawrence. So when it’s mispronounced it will be Lawrence Lawrent.

Sylvester – Only Susan could come up with this one! Susan is absolutely hilarious and just had to find a good name for our son. She even told someone that was our name we had picked out and they believed her at first! Too funny!

His real name…yet to be determined! And it won’t be till the day he’s born. We have some names in mind but we’re going to wait till we see him to see which we think fits him best. So stay tuned!