my thoughts on maternity clothes

Maternity clothes - what can I say but that I can't wait for the day to be out of them! I had to recently buy a couple more pairs of pants that will fit my big belly for these remaining two months. Have to wear nice pants to work...so I finally gave into a sale and bought some on Gap online. Because of course the cheaper places, Target & Old Navy, don't have any of the dress pants that fit well anymore!

I've battled with these lovely clothes for the past few months and have come to some conclusions on the clothes themselves:

1. Do tall women or women with long legs never get pregnant? Why are all the decently priced pants so short that I look like I'm in a flood? Not that I can wear heels anymore, but if I wanted to it would be a lost cause.

2. Pregnant women are already itchy...why make maternity pants out of polyester and wool? That's just cruel!

3. Spandex. Yes, it's a wonderful invention, but please put it in the pants the right way! Many of the pants that I could fit into before are now causing me pain because how the spandex doubles over creating a huge tug in towards my bladder! If they would have just used the right amount of spandex and sewn it in correctly, I could still wear those pants.

4. Low cut - hello that part of us is growing too! Every v-neck maternity top I have bought is low enough to qualify me for the cover of Maxium. Maybe fine for home, but out and about and at work...forget it!

5. Expensive! Maternity clothes are so expensive. Even the "cheap" ones are still much pricier than regular fitting clothing. That makes sense. We're preparing for this pricey lil baby and before we get there, instead of saving some extra cash, we have to spend it on clothing so we can cover our big bellies!

Okay venting done for today...