so thankful

The other night Pat and I took a CPR class with my mom. Just thought it would be good to understand the basics, especially for infants and children. During our break in the class Pat started talking to another gentleman in the class. The guy was there by himself and once Pat talked to him more we found out that his girlfriend was expecting and she wanted nothing to do with the baby. So he would be taking the baby home from the hospital all by himself and begin life as a single dad with a newborn. He was taking several classes to prepare for it.

I can't even imagine how overwhelmed and scared he must be. I know how I feel and I have Pat there to help me out. It just made me appreciate Pat so much more in thinking about what it would be like on my own throughout this whole process. From Pat massaging my legs when I get horrible leg cramps, to him watching over me always to make sure I'm not lifting anything, etc. and all that I'm sure he'll do once Zane is here (including changing diapers), I'm just so thankful for him!