one month old

Happy Zane

One Month Stats:
Weight: 10 pounds
Height: 22 inches

You are a few days over a month old now. This past month has flown by and mom can't believe she has to go back to work in two weeks. Before I had you I could not imagine what life at home with was going to be like. But it actually has been a joy to spend each of your beginning days with you. To watch your personality start to come out and to see that first smile...which happened just the other day! It will be hard to go back but I'll always have my Fridays with you and Grandma, Marcus and Chrissy will take good care of you the other days!

The past couple of days have been really fun because you're starting to smile. It just takes tickling your tummy or saying hi to get a reaction out of you now. It's so adorable! I think you have your daddy's "guy smiley" attitude because you seem to smile at everything! Now you just have to smile more for your dad to see!

You are such a joy to your dad and I. We can't imagine our lives without you now. Everyone keeps telling us what a cute baby you are and we certainly have to agree. You even have cute cries! Some are cuter than others depending on the time of day! :) We can't wait to see what this next month has in store for you!


Mom & Dad