you are expensive...but worth it


We got the hospital's medical bill for you last night. Mommy's already paid for her hospital time and for her doctor that delivered you. But wow...you were the most costly! It's amazing how much it costs to bring your beautiful face into this world. I was frustrated last night about it and upset a bit because I wasn't expecting it to be that much for you. And I shouldn't complain that much because at least we have good insurance that covered most of the expense.

After time to sleep on it I have realized you're going to be pretty expensive for the rest of our lives!
Between preschool, all the things you need for elementary school through high school and then the cost of college...it will be astronomical by the time you're there. And I don't think it will end there because one day we'll be like your grandparents and we'll be spending our money on spoiling your kids!

However, my penny-pinching self feels okay about all of that. I'm just so thankful you are here and are healthy! And that we get to wake you up (or you wake us up) every morning and see you stretch and that you smile right back at us with just a simple "Hello Zane." It's worth every cent.

Your Mommy (who can't spend as much on cool shoes anymore!)