mother's day

A late Mother's Day message coming to you from one tired mom here. Zane is dealing with something, whether it's the beginning of the teething process or an ear infection is yet to be determined. He started Mother's Day off with a little treat of "I think I'll scream all night to make you insane and remind you that you're a mother."

Pat and I took turns all night and we've decided that he has a scream that only dogs can hear...because a normal human being cannot hear the shrill screech he made as he silently screamed in between the ear piercing screams. His mouth opens and his face is bright red but no noise comes out. Yet Truman seemed to be hiding in the closet...

After finally coming to the conclusion that placing him in the swing was the only way any of us were getting sleep, we did just that. We were quickly woken up once the pacifier left the scream maker's mouth. So we took up position on the couch and fell asleep there. I woke up several hours later and was able to be sneaky and get him out of the swing and into his crib and FINALLY slept in our bed. Pat didn't hear me say let's go to bed and stayed on the couch for another hour.

The morning was much more pleasant. As I fed Zane his breakfast in bed Pat made a yummy breakfast of french toast, bacon and tea. Zane and Daddy had their first art project. Pat placed the paint brush in Zane's little hand and had some fun. I received the result in a frame...oh so cute. After about on hour of awake time Zane started to drift off in my arms and I started to do the same. So I put him down and we had family nap time to recover from the night before. The dog even napped on the floor next to me...I think he had enough too.

Now today, the day after Mother's Day and complete exhaustion, I just want to be home with my baby boy. I'm missing him...screams and all.