to father's day

Here's to Pat on his first Father's Day! After the doctor and nurses, you were the first to place your hands on our little Zane. How fitting that the man Zane will look up to is the first to kiss him and say hello. As I have watched you with other kids I always knew you'd be a good father but you were always so scared to hold babies. You'd say, "I'm afraid I'm going to break them." You got over that fear so fast and now can't hold Zane enough.

People kept telling me while I was pregnant that I'd look at my husband in a completely different way and fall in love with him all over again. So cliche I know, but it is so true. Seeing you gleam in the light of fatherhood is like getting those butterflies all over again when we started dating.

Since Zane can't say thank you yet, although he does through his smiles, I will for him! Thanks for being such a great father! Your love for Zane shines through in every interaction with him!