Over at Superhero Journal there's a great question posed...what do you do for self care? I wanted to respond to her post and note the things I do to make sure I'm keeping care of myself but I couldn't think of any.

Since Zane was born I feel as though I have forgotten this important aspect of my life. I focus on Zane, Pat, friends, work, volunteering, etc. but do feel the need to give myself a bit of time too. Even if it means 15 minutes of time. I have Fridays off of work to spend time with Zane and for myself. However I keep filling them with errands, cleaning, sometimes work, lunch with friends and other things. I don't build in time for things I enjoy like scrapbooking, reading, long baths, starting this fun new thing and just breathing for a moment.

Being only the 6th month of new motherhood I still am struggling with the balance of it all. But I'm starting to realize more and more that I need to have balance within myself and how important that is for any mother.

I think I need to make a commitment to my Fridays and treasure those. I'm lucky to have them. I enjoy seeing friends and I think that's okay. But I hope to keep 3 of those Fridays per month open for myself and for time with Zane. So maybe that's my new self-care item. I hope in a couple of months that I would be able to respond to that question with a list of things that rejuvenate me.