six months

Weight: 15 pounds
Height: 25 3/4


What a month you have had. You have made strides in so many areas and finally are packing on the pounds. Two pounds since last month! Even though we were slightly worried about always seeing your ribs, we knew you'd eventually start to gain weight. And now those ribs are hard to find. They've been replaced by chubby little legs and a budda belly.

You started off the month with the new skill of whispering sweet baby sounds and then that turned into blowing raspberries, or as Daddy likes to call them, motor boat sounds. You somehow haven't figured out how to do this when you're eating, let's just keep it that way please.
You have taken on eating cereal like it's chocolate and the few days that we have introduced baby food have gone pretty well so far. You weren't so sure what to think of it at first but now you're very interested in it. Now if I could get Daddy to not get grossed out by the veggies he's feeding you that'd be great. I think he'll be much happier one day when he's feeding you peanut butter and jelly.

We had our first time away from you this month. I cried as Grandma Laurent left with you. I knew you'd be just fine but it was hard to be away from you for the first time. Your Daddy and I had a great time on our vacation and it was good for us to do that. We felt refreshed when we got back and you had bonding time with your grandparents. Grandma even got to see a first - you rolling over from your back to your tummy. You also got to drive on a golf cart with Grandpa at their course. You were right on schedule for Grandma the whole time. You've already started to figure out how to behave for your grandparents and change when we're around. I'm sure that's only the beginning of that!

I went on another long weekend and you and Daddy had guy time. Daddy was scared to be on his own with you but when I came home he said it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. I really missed you on this trip. I think it was because I didn't have Daddy there as well. I kept seeing parents and their babies and just really wanted to be holding you close. You broke Mommy right back into being at home with a diaper blow out and then peed on me twice! In fact you have started to pee all the time when I'm changing you, not when Daddy does. I'm got the pee rag thank heavens but, really, can you wait till the diaper gets back on?

You had a test done this past month to make sure everything was okay with your digestive track. They were a bit worried with your weight and how you spit up so much. Your Daddy and I were so worried about it because most of the things they were saying involved surgery to correct. You drank the barium like a champ and the X-ray showed a completely normal track. We couldn't be happier about that.

You love your feet these days. I think you'd be happy to suck on your toes all day long. Diaper changing has become more difficult as you would like to grab your feet and move around as we try to clean you off.
Moving...that has been the big change! You enjoy sitting up but only for awhile because you'd much rather be standing with support. You have slowly mastered scooting on the floor. You start off with your head buried in the floor and then scoot your knees up, followed by a dramatic plop down on the floor. You always look up afterwards to make sure someone saw you. I'm not ready for you to be moving around yet. I feel like we are just now used to this stage and now we're jumping into the next!
You seem so much more mature and independent these days. You just started to hold your bottle on your own, you want to play on your own and let us know that too. You move all over your crib and fall asleep in the strangest positions and only scream if you get yourself stuck in the corner and can't roll again. You love playing with water and are just fascinated by the fact that you can't grab onto it. You also have started playing peek-a-boo. You hide under anything and rip it away and just smile ear to ear before we've even had a chance to say peek-a-boo.

This is my Best Shot Monday picture...check out others at Picture This.

We also have come to the end with breastfeeding. I'm pretty sad about that. I didn't think it would be as emotional to stop feeding you this way but I'm going to miss having you that close and feeling like I'm providing you with something you really need. I wish I could feed you longer but with being at work 4 days a week I just can't keep my milk supply up. This past week was the last of the breastfeeding and on your last night you had gotten your clothes all wet so I stripped you and fed you just in your diaper. You cuddled into me and just ate away and were so relaxed and snuggly. This was the perfect way to end breastfeeding, with that sweet 20 minutes. It's like you knew it was the last time. Thank you for that.

All these changes and just in one month. It's scary how fast it is going. We want to just relish in every moment with you, to not forget a thing. Well, okay, maybe we'd like to forget the screaming and our clothes covered in spit up. I hope these letters can help us remember all your changes and help you remember one day how delightful and loved you are.


Mommy & Daddy

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