the last of our advent calendar

We will be doing this again next year for sure. It was a great way for us to stop and do something together, even if we didn't do all of them on the exact day. Not as many pictures this time around so I just picked my two favorites of Pat reading the Night Before Christmas to Zane on Christmas Eve. I love playing with the saturation to give it more of a vintage feel. I felt like it was a vintage moment.

Bundle up and window shop with some hot chocolate in hand.
We did this at Pat's parents town with his mom. We went to an antique store and picked up the stroller to go up and down all the stairs.

Make a big breakfast while listening to Christmas music.
Pat made chocolate chip pancakes. Yum!

Spend night curled up in a blanket on the couch as a family.
We honestly haven't done this yet...plan to this weekend!

Eat peppermint ice cream sundaes.
Need I say more? Pat said they were terrible, that we should never have them again, and then asked how much ice cream was left.

Buy a Christmas movie DVD and watch it.
We finally purchased Elf and watched it with Pat's family. Although I ended up heading to bed before it was over.

Drive around and look at Christmas lights.
We drove around a very nice neighborhood near our home to see what all they put up. We were expecting more but it still was nice to drive through and see the houses all lit up.

Make a ginger bread house.
My mom has requested to do this with us! So we'll be doing it soon. Who says you have to do it before Christmas. I think it's a winter thing!

Read the Night Before Christmas.
Zane actually didn't want to turn the pages of the book every two seconds and just listened!

Say a morning prayer on Christmas day.
We actually forgot about this in the bustle of the morning. Next year this happens first.