tackle, tackle, tackle

I have so many things I want to tackle in such a short amount of time. My stomach turns with anticipation as I work on two new ventures. I could stay up all night creating and stay awake from the excitement.

But a huge list is going to have to be put off till tomorrow and probably till the next day as we need to get ready for a nice New Years dinner with friends. Plus I can't get enough of the laughter as I crawl after Zane, playing peekaboo and playing monkeys jumping on the bed. I wonder how many times I can jump with Zane before our bed breaks?

I don't do resolutions but I will say this about the coming year. I'm sick of hearing and reading about people following their dreams and not doing it myself! Why sit back and just keep going as I am when I know I'm capable of more. Of living more fully and alive.

Here's to that!