Breath, breath deeply. This soon will pass. This stressful feeling of trying to be two places at once both in mind and spirit. Of looking at a to-do list that keeps getting longer as one item is checked off. Of feeling pressure to be there NOW when it will take time. It involves learning, seeing and doing like I've never done before. It shows promise, excitement and nervousness wrapped up together in one solid piece. The unknown, the known and the downright good and bad that go with it.

I'm feeling all these things with life in general, career decisions and with mothering. I have been trying to make more of an effort to just BE with Zane. To stop trying to do other things and sit with him, be with him and to learn from him. Learn from him in so many ways. A couch, who says it's just a couch? It's a playground with laughter, screams of excitement and concentration on the tiniest of folds within the pillows.

This is how I need to start approaching things with this same amazement in even the simplest of things. Breath them in and be thankful for each one.

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