Our weekend was filled with our home being in a bit of disorder. Actually it's still pretty much that way but we do have our bed back in our room. We finally decided to take the wood flooring in the garage and put it in our bedroom. Good riddens to the carpet! There's not a bit of carpet to be found in our home now except a few rugs. The carpet in our bedroom was beyond gross and it feels nice to know that Zane will be moving around on a floor that is a cleaner and I don't have to use a bunch of nasty chemicals to clean.

With the disarray of our home meant our mattress was in the family room. Zane was very excited about this and played on it most of the weekend. At one moment he slid off and got stuck, so what did I do? Grab my camera of course...or I should say my mom's that I'm borrowing while mine gets looked at. I am such a good mom! After a few snaps and some whining I did finally remove him.

We also had a big first this weekend. We had our first high school babysitter. We've had several friends babysit Zane so we could have a night out but hadn't had a chance to use one of my high school girls. This made Pat and I feel old as we left the house. It seems like just yesterday I was babysitting and now here we were headed to dinner with a babysitter at our home. Thank you Isa for taking care of Zane for a couple of hours!

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