the hardest thing

There are many reasons I'll miss where I currently work and there are many reasons I'm excited for what's ahead! But one thing that is the hardest is that I won't be working with one of my best friends anymore.

Three years ago Lacey started as an intern at our company and I just hoped she was good at picking up on things fast! That was for sure and little did I know how our friendship would grow. We hired her on full time once she graduated and I was super excited! It was such a blessing to have Lacey working side by side with me but more importantly is how she has supported me as a friend.

We've started off some mornings over tea at Starbucks and talking about a book we were reading together. We challenged each other in some tough situations we were dealing with and helped each other see different point of views. She's been such an amazing friend through my new venture into motherhood and let's me vent about no sleep, throw up and all the rest that comes with motherhood. I didn't think it was possible to grow a friendship in just 3-4 years so quickly!

Lacey, thank you so much for how supportive you've been through it all and how encouraging you have been as I jump into things I've been wanting to pursue for awhile.
I'm glad that you are on your honeymoon on my last day because I think I'd be leaving in tears if you were there! I will miss seeing you everyday and laughing about all the funny things in the office.

But do know this...we will have scheduled weekly chats and emails!!! Okay...Deal (or I mean Reckelhoff - ha! Couldn't resist that)!
Thank you for including me in your wedding. Jason, could you have had a more beautiful bride? I mean really!!! You guys are going to have so much fun together in your new married life.

And for those of you who might want to see some pics from Lacey's wedding check them out here.

You'll see these over there too...reasons for me to be on the other side of the camera instead of in front of it. Why am I such a goofball!!!???