still here

As I sit and wait for wedding photos to back up I'm realizing that the next week will be one of closings and of new beginnings. That sounds all fancy and what not but it also means craziness. It's my last week of my job, it's my birthday, group, Senior High, dinner with the family, photo shoot on Friday, spending quality time with Zane & Pat (my birthday gift from them involves the art museum or zoo...I told Pat I just wanted to get out with them). Oh and in the middle...editing 3 photo shoots + a wedding! Not complaining but feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Okay, I'm breathing now. But I'll be a bit light on the posting side of things and commenting. I might still read quickly but there won't be a lot of time for comments.

Lacey & Jason - congratulations!!! Thank you for asking me to be part of your wedding and seeing your smiles and tears in your eyes up close was so beautiful. RELAX on your honeymoon!

I plan to celebrate my birthday by staying calm amongst the chaos. As Zane reminded me tonight by his belly laughs from me saying scoot in a funny voice as we scooted along the wall and watched our shadows, chaos may be around us but we still have time to laugh at our shadows!