one of those days...the good ones that is!

I am learning that in this thing called parenting you have some days that you don't ever want to end and then there's those other days that you're wondering if vacation could ever come soon enough...the screaming, the whining, etc. We had one of the first kind of days this weekend. How lovely is that?!!!

This is what I dreamed about when I thought of myself as a parent. I wanted to be out exploring with my kids, getting dirty with them and helping them appreciate all the beauty that surrounds them. So this is exactly what we did...we headed to the park and explored!

These photos are a mix of Pat and I's. Pat grabbed the camera and was having so much fun because I rarely let him have it anymore! Bonus to that is that I'm in the photos, that problem I keep seeming to have!

I love that we're okay with him just getting dirty and figuring things out. Kids kept going over the bridge when we were down by the creek asking their parents if they could go down there too. Their parents kept saying "No, you'll get dirty." Oops...were we supposed to worry about that?

So here are many photos...this is the norm number I show on the photography blog for sneak previews so I thought hey...time to do it here for this great day we had! And check out other Best Shots this week at Mother May I.

The park started out with some ice cream.
And then when the ice cream was all gone there were some tears.
But never fear we found a stick which made it all better!

And he might even like the taste better than ice cream.Daddy having fun with the camera.

Mommy and Zane looking for birds.And digging for worms.
Could he seriously be any happier?! And he has on our favorite new shirt. Mr. Mischief, which is one of the series of some of his favorite books.
More looking for things with Mommy.
Jackpot! He found the creek!

We head on down to see what he thinks and after holding onto Mommy for a bit he was pretty comfortable with it! Don't ask me what I'm doing...people kept walking by on the bridge and I was afraid my pants were riding too low!Seeing how cold it is.
Who needs shoes anyways?
Daddy wants to play too.
Love this shot!

I couldn't be prouder that he's so comfortable with his butt right in the mud!Throwing rocks.
Signing to us that he hears a bird.
Watching for the bird.