We have been complete chaos in our house. Pat and I are on our computers every waking minute it seems trying to get work done. We stop to play with Zane and jump back to the computer when he naps. I have a LOAD of photos to edit and am headed to bed right now so I can get up super early to edit before swimming and voting, followed by more editing.

I have felt on the edge, like there's a pile of stuff to accomplish and it's not getting any smaller. And then I hear news, news that broke my heart, made my throat swell with holding back tears and made me realize that it may be chaotic but we are blessed.

I don't understand the news I heard today. It makes me angry, upset and want to know why things like this can happen? I'm confused and yet know that there has to be light within it somehow for those involved. We're praying a lot for a family tonight and can't imagine their pain.