six years

Sunday marked 6 years ago that I married Pat. Six years ago I could have never imagined the places we have gone. We have grown so much since that hot summer day that we got married standing on the grass of my parents' lawn. I remember stumbling over the words with emotion coming through every pore and sweat from how hot it was!

If I could have seen what laid ahead of us 6 years later I would have said no way. We were at a completely different point and had a completely different focus in our lives at the time. I look back and realize how much we've developed into who we truly are and how that continues to develop.

I would have known we'd be supportive of each other but had no clue how much my husband would be encouraging me to jump into unknown territories and to just put it all out there. I knew we'd always laugh but I didn't think he'd still be able to bring tears to my eyes as I laugh or that we'd still be able to have toothpaste fights and water fights just like kids. I knew he'd be a good dad, but had no clue what I would feel like when I see Zane snuggle into his dad's shoulder and watch Pat whisper to me, "I love this."

I saw us together, walking and holding hands through it and we still do just that.