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moving on

It's time to move from this blogger account and onto the photography blog! I debated whether to keep Laurent Files for personal and have photography be for, well, photography. But I think it's good for my clients to see my personal side too. I'm not deleting this blog as I have so much written on here that I need to archive somehow. Any suggestions anyone? BUT you won't see me posting here anymore!

So without further ado I would like to send you to my new blog. And don't forgot to update your RSS feed.

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Pat did an awesome job on the logo and the design of the blog. I was a pretty picky client! Ha!



On our anniversary weekend Pat and I took a walk around the Winona Lake area. We both had cameras in our hands and did a walk of our own, just like Shutter Sister's walk at BlogHer.

I kept finding moss everywhere and kept taking photos of it. It amazed me how moss can grow on something as strong as concrete. The contrast of the green on mostly the concrete surfaces made the area vibrant. Some would say it made it look old but I saw it differently. It seemed fresh and lively, bringing new live to something old.

Check out other best shots this week at Mother May I.

Senior: Haley

We drove up to Decatur to shoot Haley's senior photos last weekend. As we pulled into her driveway Pat and I got so excited at the scenery that surrounded her home! Talk about the perfect place to take senior photos!

Haley was so much fun and totally knew how to work it for the camera! We talked to Haley about what she was planning on doing after her senior year. She's been working at an animal hospital and hopes to do physical therapy with animals. How cool is that?!!!

You'll notice the logo on the photos...more coming soon on that! We're working on getting my photography blog up and running and ready to share with you all! Coming soon!!!

I had a really hard time picking favorites but I can't post all of them so here's a few.

They had this awesome barn that we of course used as a backdrop!

Love this shot of Haley laughing.
And another one catching her laughing!
See what I mean about her knowing how to work it for the camera?!!!
My angle of Haley looking at Pat for a shot.

This is one of my favorites!!!
They had a ton of fish that were jumping hanging around the pier wanting to be fed. Haley looks gorgeous in this photo!
Another beautiful one!

We had to take some corn shots for sure! This fence with the corn in the background ruled!

Haley having fun!
We found a random beach ball and Haley was laughing the whole time we took these photos!

Haley's brother Alex jumped in for some photos too!
And the jumping shot!!! Pat's favorite of the day!
Look at all this stuff we found to use for photos! This hot pink lounge chair was just perfect!
Haley and her dogs, oh and their kitten made it into the photo too. He followed us around the whole time!
And to end the session Haley jumped on her trampoline. Talk about one fun girl!!!

Haley's mom, Shar, gave us a grape pie as we headed out after the photo shoot. We had never heard of grape pie and as you can see we were anxious to try it. It is amazing!!! Thank you Shar! I'll have to get the recipe from you!


six years

Sunday marked 6 years ago that I married Pat. Six years ago I could have never imagined the places we have gone. We have grown so much since that hot summer day that we got married standing on the grass of my parents' lawn. I remember stumbling over the words with emotion coming through every pore and sweat from how hot it was!

If I could have seen what laid ahead of us 6 years later I would have said no way. We were at a completely different point and had a completely different focus in our lives at the time. I look back and realize how much we've developed into who we truly are and how that continues to develop.

I would have known we'd be supportive of each other but had no clue how much my husband would be encouraging me to jump into unknown territories and to just put it all out there. I knew we'd always laugh but I didn't think he'd still be able to bring tears to my eyes as I laugh or that we'd still be able to have toothpaste fights and water fights just like kids. I knew he'd be a good dad, but had no clue what I would feel like when I see Zane snuggle into his dad's shoulder and watch Pat whisper to me, "I love this."

I saw us together, walking and holding hands through it and we still do just that.



Everyone always tells us who they think Zane looks like, whether it's me because of the big brown eyes or Pat because of the hair and facial features. When Pat and I were looking at these we were laughing because of the similar faces these two have in each of these photos. The top one cracks me up...very serious two there!

And both of them have a very curious look here. Zane gives me faces all the time and I stop and say, "That is your Daddy's face! Don't give me that face I already know how to deal with that one!"


oh yea we have a dog too

Poor Truman has not made it on this blog in awhile due to some kid named Zane taking over the photos! In true Truman style once we got to the lake, he wanted to be in it. He fetched the ball over and over again. While he might be slower now and can't jump as high, he's one golden retriever who can still fetch a ball and swim.