my obsession with london

So I have this obsession with Pat and I going to London. I just want to get out of this country and travel. Many friends have told us that London isn't that different than here but I still am dying to go. I think it'll be a good place for our first trip to Europe. I want to go to Greece for our 10 year anniversary...got some time before that though to explore other places!

I guess my "need" to travel is that I feel like I haven't seen that much in the world at all. I've never been further west than St. Louis...wow! We would love to get out to California this summer but we'll see about that. Pat traveled with his family alot as he was growing up and I only just went with friends if I got invited and that was always to Florida. So I'm just itching to see more! Since I met Pat we've been some pretty cool places but there's tons more out there!

But back to London...Through my reading I've found out about their huge art scene there...perfect for Pat and I to explore. Their museums have so much history and the city has beautiful gardens that you just don't see here (well at least in Indy). PLUS - the Globe is there. I love Shakespeare and would love to walk into the Globe...even if it's just for a minute! I think I kind of regret not taking the opportunity to study abroad in college there too so guess I'm trying to make up for that...although a semester there would have been amazing!

So...any suggestions anyone has on London...let us know! I'm researching going in April 2006 right after Easter. I'm thinking we'll stay in London and then do some day trips to explore Britain more. I'm hoping we can go for a week and half. I think it'd be cool to stay in a flat instead of hotel but a hotel would be cool too. This is just a total dream right now of course...gotta get some extra cash somehow.