what's with the name mark?

As we were working out this morning with our friend Marcus I realized something. From my view three of the most influential friends Pat has had in his life are named Mark, Marc and Marcus. What's with that? It's so interesting...I think each of them has influenced and continues to influence Pat's life in such a major way.

Marc (with a C) is the "Mark" Pat has known the longest...since highschool (or maybe it's junior high...can't remember exactly). Most of you have heard Pat talk about him - he's sailed around the world and has great stories about his experiences! Check out the same boat he was on...it's still sailing with a new crew www.reachtheworld.org. Awesome program they are doing!

Marc has such an amazing outlook on life and takes every opportunity he has to experience something new. I think Pat sees Marc as such an inspiration on how to view life. Everytime he hears from him or talks to him he's excited to find out what Marc will be up to next. Even though they may not talk every week, well even sometimes every year, whenever they do or see each other it's like not a day has passed. It's very cool to witness.

Mark (with a K) is the "Mark" Pat has known the second longest. When the other Marc left after highschool for his first trip he told Mark (with a K) to watch over Pat. And that he did! Mark helped Pat along his spiritual walk and has been such a role model in Pat's life. Mark is just a hilarious guy and knows how to laugh at anything and everything! When they're around each other they just are smiling and laughing the whole time. Pat can open up to Mark about anything and that has been so wonderful in his life. Mark moved out to CA and we lost him for awhile but we managed to track him down and Pat's pumped about getting in touch with him again.

You should see the three of these guys together...Pat, Marc & Mark. They were hilarious at our wedding and Pat was so happy to have both of them there and in our wedding. It just wouldn't have been the same without them! And of course Marc & Mark's speech at our rehearsal dinner made the night.

And then the third Marc (well actually Marcus). Marcus and Pat have only known each other for a couple of months...since Pat started volunteering with the Senior High students at our church. In that short time Marcus has been such a great mentor for Pat both spiritually and as a friend. It would be crazy to see Marcus added into the mix with Pat and the other two Marc's!

So that's my theory on the name Marc. Pat's so blessed to have all of them in his life!