the best christmas present ever

Friday morning was another rush and get ready morning for Pat and I. Pat was meeting his friend Marcus at Starbucks to chat over coffee before work and I was trying to get to work early to get ahead on somethings. Pat leaves our house and then comes back in a few minutes later with a look on his face like something bad just happened. I stopped what I was doing and asked "What's wrong?" He told me that he just backed into the garage door. I made him repeat himself because I couldn't believe it. The first question I asked was "Is the car okay?" He said not even a dent was in it. Then I made sure the garage door still opened and closed and he told me it did. I think he was waiting in anticipation to see if I was going to be mad. Instead I just starting laughing. Then said in my sarcastic voice: "Look before you back up...pay attention, etc." These are the statements Pat is always telling me! I gave him a kiss and told him not to worry about it. I laughed the whole day long and told anyone I could.

You see, for those of you who don't know...I have a history of hitting non-moving objects. It all started the first day I had my license and my mom sent me to the grocery to get bread. I pulled into a parking spot and hit the car next to me...with the driver of it standing right there! This started a chain of events throughout my years of driving...a brick wall, stop sign, driving over many parking barriers and backing into Pat's car...while he was in my car...that was just horrible! Pat has good reason to tell me to look before I back out but I hear it almost everyday...that or "slow down, don't honk at them or be patient."

So to me...Pat could not have given me a better Christmas present than backing into our garage door! I now have teasing rights until I hit something else.