tis the season

For the first time in years I have waited till the last minute to do our Christmas shopping. Normally I have it all done before Thanksgiving and by this time all the presents are wrapped and under our tree...but not this year! I just started last week! I ventured out on Saturday and had two hours before going to a wedding. I thought this would be plenty of time to go to the 6 places I had on my list. Run in, grab exactly what I need and run out. I was in a great mood and excited to get our list almost finished. I pulled into the strip mall parking lot and could not believe what I was seeing. I suddenly was stuck right where a median was and couldn't move...for 20 minutes! I just wanted to park and run into one store. After 30 minutes had passed, this finally happened. I still have no clue what was causing the back up.

After running into the store I headed across the street to more places. After being cut off and yelled at, I was sucked into the season rush. I'm used to stupid drivers...we deal with that every rush hour. But I don't like when people are just rude. I called Pat almost in tears because not only were people being flat out rude but I couldn't find anything I was looking for in the store. I told him he was helping finish the Christmas shopping because I at least needed someone to be with me to complain to about all the crazy holiday shoppers! He was working so I let him stay home...but he doesn't get to escape the rest of the shopping we have to do! I need backup! :)