being creative

In an email to me yesterday Pat wrote:

"Being creative is such a cool thing. I get to do it everyday."

Isn't it amazing how we have such a love/hate thing going on with our jobs? For both Pat and I, one day we'll love our job and the next we are completely frustrated. But we keep coming back knowing that we'll have another one of those great days. Pat definitely had one of the those great days yesterday from what he said above.

We're both in fields that thrive on creativity...Pat in design and myself in architecture. "Pushing the envelope" is what it's all about. Pat by all means is way more creative than myself, in his job and in everyday life. Almost everyday on our way home from work I hear..."I came up with an idea today." And he can start talking about everything from something to do with our house to a line of T-shirts he wants to create. I love that about him! His mind is constantly thinking creatively!

I don't see myself as creative as him, even though he always tells me I am, just in different ways than he is. And he's constantly pushing me to think more creative. I'll bring something home from work and he'll suggest things to change and it helps me out a great deal.

I'm rambling here, but I just think that you really do have to enjoy what you do everyday. Some days will be more enjoyable than others and everyone has bad days, sometimes even bad weeks. But if you truly enjoy what you do, it gets you up in the morning. I don't think that Pat and I are drastically changing the world with our jobs and sometimes that frustrates me, but how we interact with the people we work with and all the people we come into contact with can truly make a difference in someone's life. And design and architecture are enjoyable to so many people! So I guess it does make a difference.