being the older sister

This weekend Pat & I "watched" my 16-year old brother while my parents were out of town. I definitely felt like the older sister. I felt bad that I kept calling to check up on him and make sure he was doing okay as Pat & I worked out and ran our errands in the morning. He's so mature...he just kept saying "I'm fine Maya."

Saturday night he had two friends spend the night. After Pat & I went to bed we heard a door open. Of course my first thought is that the boys were trying to sneak out. So I went and checked the front door and the side door and they were both locked, but the boys weren't in the house. So I checked the garage door...and heard them in the garage. Of course I think the worst...that they are out there smoking or drinking or something. I walked into the garage and said "What are you guys doing?" And then started laughing. They had a blender plugged in and were making milkshakes in the garage. They didn't want to wake us up from the noise of the blender so they decided to make them in the garage! Too funny! They were up several times that night...always for food whether it was pizza or chips. My parents' dogs kept waking me up just to let me know the boys were in the kitchen. For some reason they never went to Pat's side to wake him up!

In the morning I told Pat that we were just going to hand our kids to someone else once they hit the teenage years so we weren't always worrying! We'll take them back when they're through that stage. Ha! I'm sure it will be fun and difficult all at the same time!