going on 3 hours of being awake!

Yesterday morning I woke up with one of the sinus headaches I get every now and then. It made my head feel like it was going to explode, my stomach ached and I felt dizzy. Lovely way to start the morning! After debating whether I should get up and work out or not, I finally fell back asleep and let Pat go without me. I remember Pat kissing me goodbye when he left for work and next thing I know the phone is ringing in my ear, it's light outside and the clock says 11:30! I can't remember the last time I slept in that long! It was Pat just calling to check up on me.

I got up for about 2 hours and then fell asleep on the couch again with the headache still lingering even after I took some medicine. I thought I'd wake up and be able to get ready for Senior High that night. Unfortunately, I didn't wake up till Pat came home from work! So that ruled out going to Senior High, which I felt really bad about.

I know, sob story here. I have always wondered though if we lived someplace else would I have these sinus headaches so often? Indiana's ever changing weather certainly doesn't seem to help me. Who knows, maybe my allergies would act up someplace else. Oh well...gotta get through it and get back to work! But I must say that only being awake for about 3 hours during a day is very strange!