just playing around

There's so many things I love about Pat and I's relationship but one that is so great is our ability to just joke around with each other. I was reminded of this last night when we were watching an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond while we ate dinner. Raymond and his wife were in some kind of fight and she ended taking the shower sprayer and soaking him. By the end of it they had soaked each other and the kids come in and they sprayed them. Hilarious and exactly something Pat and I would do!

It never fails...one of us always starts some kind of "battle" and it continues until we eventually give up. It used to be while one of us was in the shower the other would go grab the cold water pitcher from the fridge, stand on the toilet seat and pour it over the top of the shower onto each other. Then it turns to sneaking up while the other is in the shower and quickly changing the water over to freezing cold while they're in there (Pat is an expert at this one). We've done everything from food fights with icing to locking each other out of the house in the snow. And it's hilarious! We're not fighting like they were on the show...we're just having a good time! Sometimes it ends with one of us getting hurt by accident but we forget about that quickly.

Last night as we were getting ready for bed and I was brushing my teeth, Pat thought it was funny to wet his toothbrush and then fling all the water on me. I haven't gotten him back yet but I will soon enough! The battle continues and I love it!