our spiritual gifts

At our Senior High meeting this past weekend we took the spiritual gifts "test." Pat and I were both excited to take it to see what came out of it.

In the simplest of terms...spiritual gifts are the abilities God gives you when you accept Christ into your life. There's all kinds of different gifts people can have including different combinations, etc.

Here's what Pat and I had (#1 being our "greatest" gift, that we had the most points in). There's 19 gifts they list so the top three are our strongest gifts. It was neat to see what everyone's gifts were in our meeting.

1. Craftsmanship (to craft, design, build)
2. Creative Communication (to communicate artistically)
3. Helps (to take the place of someone)

1. Administration (to pilot or steer)
2. Giving (to give part of, share)
3. Hospitality (to love strangers) & Leadership (to stand before) - tied

Interesting huh? For those of you who know Pat and I well...I'm sure his craftsmanship and creative communication was no shock as well as my administration (think organization)! But the others were pretty cool to find out. If you haven't taken this before, let us know and we'll pass it onto you!