what I'd rather be doing

We fell asleep last night as the snow still fell outside. Truman was mesmerized by it and sat by the back door just watching and wagging his tail. As I woke up this morning for our workout I knew that the snow would be covering everything and there was nothing more I wanted to do than to just stay in bed.

If only Pat and I could have a creative day...and what more perfect a day than today's snow-covered, peaceful (until you start driving) world outside. I had hopes of sleeping in a little and we'd get up and Pat would make breakfast (he's much better at breakfast foods than me). Then we'd sit all snuggled in the blankets on our couch and read a little bit, myself with some hot tea, and decide to head into the studio. Pat would be painting and sketching in his journal and I would be getting a start on scrapbooking our wedding...after three and half years. We'd have the music playing on random and the yummy smelling candle lit in the studio. Break for lunch and then possibly a movie before taking a nap. Then it'd be dinner time!

Ahhh...if only! Looks like it's back to work though...I can still dream though!